What is the Atalia Galaxy?

In the year 3000 AD colonists from our solar system, Sol, were heading toward Alpha Centuri. They inadvertently were pulled into a wormhole that sent them into another galaxy. Only one person had died in the flight, Atalia, a little girl. So in her memory the colonists named the galaxy Atalia. They named the system they were closest to New Sol.

Due to information gathered from the wormhole they were able to create artificial wormhole generators they called Sub-Space Fold (SSF) Gates. Soon they were colonizing the galaxy.

What is the purpose of Atalia?

To provide two things:
1 - An entire galaxy for several authors to explore and have fun writing in.
2 - A science-fiction universe (or "set of stories") from a Christian worldview as an alternative to the Evolution worldview that is so prevalent and pronounced as truth in literary works, despite the ever surmounting evidence against the hypothesis.

How did Atalia come to be?

It started five and a half years ago (from Sept 2010) with a toy. A building toy that Phillip Michael DeVeau, at the time was 14, turned into a starfighter model. That model then sparked in his mind a story, that was not Atalia.

The story was called Lightning Squadron (later known as Lightning Squadron (Original Story)) and it was set in our solar system in the Milky Way in the year 3000. The enemy was an insectoid race created by man that had been outcast to Mercury. The races that are in Atalia were also in this story.

However eventually the author decided he wanted to create an entirely different galaxy, expand the war to not just one solar system, and turn this galaxy into a sort of playground for many authors to write in. Thus started the Atalia galaxy, tough at this point it was called the L-Squad Galaxy. Lightning Squadron was then rewritten as a movie and set in this new galaxy. However this would never be finished and after several short stories (Including The Phoenix) and a novel (Omega Army) were written Phillip decided to rewrite Lightning Squadron once more, going back to making it a Novel. As he wrote it, as well as other short stories at the same time, he decided it was time to give a proper name to the galaxy.

So one night he sat down with lots of paper and taking the word Italian he derived Atalia. Thus came the name, Atalia.

Since then he has written and is writing many stories. While looking for name meanings for character of one of those stories Phillip decided to see if Atalia was a real name. He discovered that is was and that it meant "God is Great", which was a fitting name for the story. He then realized that God had to have had his hand on the naming, because the mathematical probability of coming up with a name that is real that had to do with God was to improbable to have happened without His aid.

How can I become an Atalia author?

At the moment, unless you personally know Fell Skyhawk there is no way to write in Atalia. Eventually there will be released a collection of short stories that will include a page about a short story contest. The winners will be accepted into what is known as the Authors' Table, this is the group of authors and editors of Atalia.

If you are already a published author you can contact Fell Skyhawk (see Contact Us tab) and inquire about joining in on this galaxy of stories. Please include the name of what it is you have published and information as to where I can find your book. This does not mean you will automatically be an author in Atalia, but you will receive an email in response letting you know what is decided.

Once you are on the Table you will be given a page on this site as well as access to the concepts document that is a list of all formed ideas of stories. You can than request to add a concept you wish to write or request from a concept originator to work on their concept.

As soon as your concept is approved it is moved to the WIP (Work In Progress) list. Upon finishing your work you must submit it to a continuity edit where it will be read to make sure it does not contradict other stories in the galaxy. If it is off by too much then it will be returned to you to rewrite it, if it is only partially off then the contradictions will be changed during the edit and then returned to you with formating for you to publish. If it has no contradiction then it will be only formated and sent back to you as such. You may not remove the official seal and other things we add in the formatting.

You may then publish it as such, calling it an official Atalia story, and make money on it. The only money you have to pay to us is a small editing fee that will be discussed and for anything else you have us do. As far as using the title Atalia, only if we approve the story then you can use the title and be an officially recognized story without owing us anything. This galaxy was not made to make money but to have fun and to have Christian worldview Sci-fi books that were not just kids books or end times stories. The approvals needed to go through are only for the sake of continuity and for the structural framework of the story's worldview.